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QuickVCD Player

What is QuickVCD Player ?
(Supplied by Publisher)
Quick VCD Player is a free and easy to use media player, specifically for Video CDs (VCD). The QuickVCD Player requires Windows Media Player 6 or above.

QuickVCD Player Features:

Auto detects – Auto detects the media CD, and displays the available video files to play in the ‘PlayList’. Clicking on any number in the play list will loads and plays the corresponding media file.

Tracker bar – Tracker bar in all modes (Full Screen, Default .etc).

Context Menu – Context menu support for advanced streaming settings, available in the Windows Media Player.

Shortcuts – Shortcut keys for almost all the functions available in the menus.

Much more –

Requirements :
Windows: 95, 98, 98e, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003
Additional requirements :
Windows Media Player 6.0 or above



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